Kisaku Follows His Favorite Hot Schoolgirls

Hentai Pros

Hentai Pros
Published Apr 25

Pervy ghost Kisaku follows his favorite hot schoolgirls on their onsen vacation. When peeking at their naked bodies in the hot tub isn't enough, he borrows a big-dicked body and, with a little help from his two naughty mistress helpers and their sex toy collection, gives them a serious fuck! Kisaku isn't having so much fun that he forgets about mild-mannered salaryman Kusaki back house in Tokyo, texting hot bombshell Ayano to give man a good time. But Ayano's girl Hiromi isn't too happy about it when she walks in and finds Kusaki fucking her lover... Watch Kisaku Follows His Favorite Hot Schoolgirls (5 min), uploaded by Hentai Pros



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