My Brother's Wife 2

Hentai Pros

Hentai Pros
Published Jul 1

After spending years in love with Miwa only to see his older brother, Satoshi, marry her, Takashi is finally taking his revenge, making his sister-in-law crave his cock more than his brother's. Takashi wants Miwa all to himself, even taking her virgin asshole knowing that his brother has never fucked it! But Takashi doesn't want to give up his relationship with the hot teacher who instructed him in the art of seduction, and he's also started to date Miwa's stepsister, popular girl Misa, showing her how to suck his dick and eating her pussy. When Satoshi returns home late one night to find his wife riding Takashi's face while Misa rides his cock, Takashi's revenge is complete! Watch My Brother's Wife 2 (5 min), uploaded by Hentai Pros


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